• A new product, chosen by us, each month for the length of your contract
  • Brand Reps get 20% off all products on sheetthebed.com.au & Discount Coupons for friends and family
  • Brand Enthusiasts 15% off


  • Permission to share your photos on Instagram, Facebook & our online store
  • Active promotion  (ie. see someone asking about a product that we offer, comment your recommendation on their post) of Sheet The Bed across your social media accounts, including FB groups appropriate to our products
  • 5-6 high quality, well-styled photos per month featuring your new Sheet The Bed products.


  • 2-3 brand reps… girls, boys, twins, families & pregnant mummas due in the next 6-8 weeks
  • Well lit, beautiful photos in styled neat and tidy nurseries
  • Instagram profile set to public
  • Enthusiastic representation of our brand
  • Established social media following is a bonus but not a deal breaker
  • Someone who shares our aesthetic and style
  • Available & committed for brand repping during November & December leading up to Christmas.
Our expectations
  1. Quality photos

Photos of our sheet sets on your cot. Neat, in style rooms. We love live shots of your child sleeping, playing and enjoy their time on our sheet sets.

  1. Number of Photographs

Our Brand Reps must Post a minimum of 1 photograph per week on your social media accounts during the 2 month period. This is 8 in total over two months. We would love you even more if you went above and beyond this.

Photos must be sent in high resolution via email/dropbox.

Photos must also be posted in our facebook VIP group (it’s small but it will grow as we grow) as well as on your Instagram on a weekly basis.

We would also ask that you email sleep@sheetthebed.com.au at least an additional 2-5 photos that didn’t make the cut on your feed so that we may use it in our social media feed. We will always tag you in these of course.

Our Brand enthusiasts must provide 1 photo per week posted to our facebook VIP group as well as on your Instagram. Minimum 3 photos per month must be posted to each platform.

Photos will be used by Sheet The Bed and any of its subsidiaries. We may use the photos in any way including using them with other businesses for collaborative purposes or otherwise. All image rights are given to Sheet The Bed and any of its subsidiaries.

  1. VIP Group Engagement 

We need you to be the person that our customers can ask about fit, quality etc in our VIP group/on social media. So you will need to engage with them by answering questions. But most importantly posting photos of your sheet sets — posting flatlays, live shots of your child on our sheets etc as often as you can using different angles and paired with different items. – This group is not live yet, but as soon as it is please begin posting.

As a brand rep — engagement in the  VIP group is the most important goal for us at the moment.

  1. Videos

We love videos. Feel free to post them as often as you like! Omg yes lots of videos are awesome! Even 5 second videos!

  1. Tagging

Tag us in the comments (@sheetthebed.com.au) and on the photo and use the hashtags #sheetthebed on all of your posts.

  1. Description

We encourage you to use “call to actions” in your descriptions to encourage discussion and engagement in your posts.

  1.  Term

Two Months from the date of commencement. – We may decide to continue the term

  1.  Ending the Contract

We have the right to withdraw you from the contract at any time, without question or reason if we find you are not abiding by the expectations and the terms and conditions. If for any reason you choose to or unable fulfil your end of the contract due to illness (more than 2 weeks)  or you are asked to leave the contract early, we will require all free items to be returned to us within 10 days of either party being notified. Once your 2-month contract is up, you’re free to keep all items.

  1. Sickness

If you feel will be unable to meet your weekly commitment. Please contact us as soon as possible. It is important that you keep those lines of communication open : )

Reselling the sheet sets

We don’t mind you selling the products, however, you may only use the same photos that you provided to us when selling the products on all social media platforms.  Please also ensure that you mention our name ( Sheet The Bed).  This ensures brand consistency and keeps the look and feel of our brand consistent.


We want you to be part of our family and grow with us and be loyal to us. We know you might represent a few other brands at the moment however if you take on new stores that sell the same items as we do this will terminate the agreement and you will be expected to return all the items sent to you to us via post. If the items have been lost/damaged or resold/given away you will be sent an invoice for those items.

Not expected but will make us love you more (if that is even possible)
  1. Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc etc

We love Instagram but also know that many of you are very active on other platforms – feel free to use them to promote our brand

  1. Engage with us on social media

Regularly like and comment on posts in our social media feeds this helps other people see it too

 What we will provide to you as a Brand Rep 

  1. Awesome sheet sets!

We will provide you with a minimum of 2 sets over the two month term. If you are meeting our expectations and are going the extra mile by doing a number of the items listed in the “Not Expected” section we may provide you with additional products.

  1. Lots of social media love

We will actively engage on your social media platforms. Liking and commenting on your posts. Where appropriate, sharing your photos or blogs posts on our social media platforms.

  1. Discount on all products

We will Provide you with a discount code for 20% off all orders for a period of 2 months while you are representing us. Should you decide to purchase sheet sets with this discount they must be for you (ie . for personal use only). Purchasing at your discount for friends, family, or resale will end your contract and ability to purchase from us with a discount. Please supply 3 photos per item within 1 week of receiving your 20% discounted items.  Abuse of this discount may result in termination of this agreement.

What a Brand Enthusiast Gets In Return

– You will receive a 15% discount on anything in our shop per month in exchange for high-quality photographs. Your discount may not be used with any other offer. You must purchase at least one item per month. There is no limit on personal purchases. Purchasing at your discount for friends, family, or resale will end your contract and ability to purchase from us with your discount.
–Photos must be posted/submitted within 1 week of receiving the item(s). We love photos with a real feel, featuring play is a plus! We also love white wall photos too!
— Your term is for 2 months so you may not sell /give away the sheets sets during that term
– Two 10% discount coupons to share with a friend or family member.
– Our help in growing your own feed and platforms.
– Lots of love and appreciation!

Sheet the bed has the right to use all photos without permission each time on our media and advertising platforms. By becoming a Sheet The Bed Brand Representative/ Enthusiast you agree to the Terms & Conditions above.

These Terms & Conditions

We may revise these terms at any time by amending this page. You are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes we made, as they are binding on you. Some of the provisions contained in these terms of use may also be superseded by provisions or notices published elsewhere on our site.


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